Area Meetings & Resources

Looking for a meeting or even a church? Everything listed on this page is recovery and re-entry friendly. Should you find this not to be the case or if you would like to add a resource, please leave us a comment at the bottom of the page. We will keep it annonymous.

Area AA / NA & Recovery Meetings.

Brand new meeting in Geary!! TheRiver12   –  a Faith-based 12 step meets every Thursday @ 7pm….. New Life Outreach – 125 e. Main,  Geary, Ok /  call Melissa @ 405-609-9202 / website:

United Methodist Church (basement)  1001 Frisco Ave.      8pm                                   AA Meetings on Mon, Tues, Fri & Sun

* Al-Anon Meetings on Thursdays ( call 323-3179)                                                        * Tuesday night step study

Mission House  – 300 South 7th Street   323-6820                                                     8pm                                     NA Meetings on Wed, Thurs & Sat 8pm

Custer Avenue Curch of Christ – 2601 Custer Avenue  323-1648                          Faith-based Recovery meetings on Tuesdays 6pm

George Hawkins Memorial Treatment Center Cheyene Arapaho Substance Abuse Route 1 Box 3092 Clinton  331-2370                                                                                                  Open AA meetings on Wednesdays 7pm

TheBridge – Custer County Fairgrounds, 2800 S. 4th (Hwy 183) Clinton,               580-341-0992                                                                                                              Faith-based Recovery meetings on Thursdays 7pm


Weatherford NA/AA – 934 West Main Street Weatherford, OK 73096           

8pm                       AA meetingsTuesday / Thursdays / Saturdays / Sundays  8pm                       NA meetings – Mondays / Wednesdays / Fridays     12pm                     NA/AA  Noon meetings Monday – Friday  

*7pm Monday – Ladies only meeting    

Other Western Oklahoma meetings

Click here for directory

God Behind Bars  intends to introduce prisoners to God’s life-changing principles,thereby helping them turn their broken road of failure into a solid pathway of personal success.

 Click on – Church with inmates to attend online church with Custer County Inmates at the following times;                                                                                                           Sundays 7:15pm – B Pod and Dorms  •  Tuesdays 7:15pm –  Mens General Pop.           Saturdays 8:30pm – Ladies General pop.

An inmates perspective on Jail Church.


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